The products BRUNIPERFECT allows you to browning / bluing metallic parts easily:

- Contrary to the hot browning, the operations are made ambient temperature.

- All the operations are made by simple immersion / dipping.

- By using appropriate containers you can browning / bluing parts of different sizes.

- We propose a cream of browning / bluing for an even easier application (directly on the part).

- The various stages are fast: 15 minutes maximum (more one time of drying of 45 minutes).

- The final result is clear and of quality.

The procedure is the following one:

Stage 1: Degreasing ( BRUNIPERFECT Dégraissant). Duration: 15 min.

Stage 2: preparation for the browning / bluing (BRUNIPERFECT Conditionneur). Duration: 30 sec.

Stage 3: Prowning / bluing (BRUNIPERFECT Brunissage). Duration: 1 min.

Stage 4: Protection in the water (BRUNIPERFECT Hydro). Duration: 5 min.

Stage 5: Hanging Drying 45 min.